5 Tools That Will Help in Creating a Great Essay

Whether you are in post-graduate, college or high school, you have to write essays. Academic papers are essential components to your education. This process is valuable as it enables you to learn how to reason, how you can form logical arguments and how to research accurately and thoroughly. Online writing tools can help you write better essays no matter the topic. They include;

Ninja Essays

This is an excellent tool for students who need help in writing. The website has professional writers who have advanced degrees in various topics. The writers can assist you with writing, editing, and proofreading and checking for plagiarism. You can consider hiring them to work on your assignment.

Read –Able

Your paper must be well written and readable. If it turns out to be too complicated, your reader will get lost while reading it. Read-Able scans the work and informs you of the average grade and age of the people who could read your work. Ensure that the paper is readable before submitting it to your teacher or professor.

Plagiarism Checker

Nothing is worse that submitting your paper and learning that it was plagiarized. This certainly happens even if you do not plagiarize intentionally. You may have used a source and didn’t create the reference. Maybe you rewrote something using your own words, but the sentence wasn’t unique enough. A plagiarism checker identifies any instances of plagiarism enabling you to rewrite them before you can turn in the paper.

Thesis Generator

If you struggle to get started when writing your assignments or you find it difficult to build an answer, you need this tool. The tool helps you overcome all these stumbling blocks and to create great answers. It provides a short form that you fill in with all the details you need to write the answer. It also gives a complete plan for your task. All you need to do is work on that plan, and you will have perfect assignments every time.


For you to do well in your assignments, you need to improve your vocabulary. If you have the right words to express yourself means it will be easy for you to get good grades. The website can assist you in achieving this goal. Provide a list of the words you wish to learn and it designs quizzes that will help you get them quickly.