Creating a winning conclusion for an essay about homelessness

The conclusion and the introduction of an essay are the most important parts. Students often overlook them and focus on the main body because there is a misconception that this is where the meat of the essay is. This is true, the majority of the information that you write will go towards the main body but it is the introduction that draws the reader in, and it is the conclusion that ties everything together, solidifies your argument and gives the reader something to think about. If you want to write a good conclusion for essay on homelessness keep reading.

  • Think like the reader
    If you were the teacher and you were reading your essay what questions would you ask when it came to the end. Think about the “so what” scenario, this is what your teacher says about your argument, in other words what is so important about it? Think about the points you can make in your conclusion that will cause the reader to care about the ideas that you have presented in your argument. By asking yourself this question, you are digging past the surface of your ideas.
  • The main ideas of the essay
    You don’t need to include every point from your main ideas but you should include the ones that you feel are the most important to you. One thing that you definitely need to avoid is adding any new information into the conclusion because this will only confuse the reader. The main point of your conclusion is to tie up everything that was written in your main body in order to convince the reader of the validity of your argument.
  • Return to the theme
    When you go back to the theme that you opened with, it provides a good sense of closure. When you bring the theme back to the conclusion take it a little bit further and make it even more interesting to the reader.
  • Make a transitional statement
    A transitional statement lets the reader know that they are entering into the conclusion. The transition does not need to be anything elaborate, it should be really simple. Make sure that you don’t use any phrases such as “I am closing with,” or “in conclusion.” You don’t want to come across as stiff and cliché, the reader wants to engage in something that flows.
  • Final thought
    How to write a conclusion for an essay? Is a good question, and any student aspiring to enhance their essay writing skills will need to spend a lot of time practising in order to effectively learn how to write an essay conclusion. The more time that you spend practicing, the easier it will become.