How to write a synthesis essay about anti-Semitism

Anti-semitism is prejudice, discrimination and hostility directed towards Jewish people. It is typically considered to be a form of racism. A synthesis essay discusses your unique point of view about a theme, central idea, or a topic and it justifies it using several sources. If you want to know how to write a synthesis essay about anti-semitism, keep reading.

  • Synthesizing the sources
    Before you start to write a synthesis essay, you must use the following pre-writing synthesis essay outline guidelines:
    1. Understand the prompt
    2. Draft a tentative thesis
    3. Chose sources
    4. Close reading
    5. Evaluating sources
  • Understand the prompt
    This means that you are thinking about the topic that has been chosen and following the instructions step by step in order to support your central idea.
  • Draft a tentative thesis
    This is the initial draft of your prompt claim. Your thesis statement is the first idea that you have concerning the topic and you will use it as a kick-start to your research. Once you have selected your resources, you can then adjust or change your thesis to reflect the sources that you have chosen.
  • Chose your sources
    This is the first research you will conduct to locate sources that support the viewpoint detailed in the tentative thesis. You should aim for between six and seven sources, but not all of them are going to support your claim. Your sources should be in various formats, articles, essays, graphs and charts etc.
  • Close reading
    Once you have chosen the sources that you are going to use, you will need to read them and take notes of everything that you intend to use. You will need to make sure that you mark the pages so that you can go refer back to them when you start writing the essay.
  • Evaluating sources
    During the evaluation process you will take the main ideas gathered from the close reading and use them as justification for your claim. The sources that you chose will assist you in constructing your own idea that you will use for the prompt.
  • Writing the essay
    When you have completed the pre-writing stage you can start writing the essay. Since you have already collected the research material and written the outline writing the essay is the easiest part. The introduction is made up of a synopsis of the thesis, topic, and sources. You will also need to include some background information in order to summarize your text.
    The main body is made up of the topic sentence, make sure that you use information from more than one source and that you use in-text citations. In the main body you will compare and contrast various sources and viewpoints. The conclusion is where you connect all the ideas collected from the sources to the thesis. You will discuss how the sources support your point of view.
  • Final thought
    A synthesis essay is significantly different from a regular essay, you will need to spend time practising writing them so that you master the art of writing a synthesis essay and be able to teach someone else who wants to know what is a synthesis essay.