Venus Factor Review

Every woman, at some time or another, has found herself asking if a weight loss program works. Most of us are willing to spend from a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars if we are guaranteed to have that bikini body by summer, or see the pounds melt off and fit into those skinny jeans that have been in the back of our closets for months.

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If you are anything like me, you’ve tried every diet, every pill, every piece of exercise equipment available and even bought into the infomercials which promise a total body transformation in 3 minutes a day. And what happens?

We end up even heavier than we started.

I can remember struggling with my weight for the majority of my adult life. Saying no to every dessert, yes to fruits and vegetables, and carefully portioning the healthy foods on my plate not to exceed a certain number of calories. I’d pass women on the street, wearing a significantly smaller size jeans than myself, wondering what they knew that I didn’t. And, I spent countless dollars in every health food store, on every website, and every late night infomercial telling me that it’s not my fault and that I can get the body I’ve always wanted in JUST SIX WEEKS!

And what happened? I’d starve myself for a little while, take the supplements required and walk on the treadmill a little. Yes, there were times a few pounds would come off. But, for every five pounds lost, I seemed to gain ten back.

Then, I discovered the reason.

Most weight loss programs are tailored for men’s needs. They tell you to eat for the nutritional needs of men, exercise for the fitness needs of men, and make your think your metabolism is equal to that of a man.

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Want a diet designed for a woman? Consider the Venus Factor diet. Below is my venus factor review based on my experience using their 12 week program and online support community.

This program that changes your metabolism in order to get you where you need to be. No more empty promises of how you’ll look like the next supermodel or celebrity, just a realistic diet and exercise plan that any woman can follow.

  • Shorter, more efficient workouts targeted to the needs of women
  • Steps to increase metabolism and burn fat
  • The RIGHT foods, not just low calorie or fat free

The Venus Factor Review is a 12 week program that offers the nutritional support to get your metabolism running, and also offers The Venus Factor Review Workouts, which guide you step by step for routines that will keep the calories burning and the fat melting off.

Most women are unknowingly using diet and fitness routines that are designed for men, instead of focusing on a routine that is tailored to the unique needs of women. The Venus Factor Review is designed to do just that, cater to the hormonal and metabolic needs of women’s bodies. Strengthen and tone, ban cellulite and lose fat from the areas where you want and need it most.

The Venus Factor Fitness plan was exactly what I needed to teach me how to eat and exercise to cater to my own unique female needs. It is not a starvation diet or a boot camp. As women, we have Leptin sensitivity, which makes losing weight impossible. This program teaches us how to eat in order to elevate female metabolism and burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with shorter, more targeted workouts, and cleaner, healthier eating that our bodies need.

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